3 Reasons to Hire a Face Painter For Celebrations at Home

Face painting is a cultural practice in most countries. For example, India does henna for brides. Men also use face paint to camouflage themselves while hunting, preventing wild animals from spotting them immediately. On the other hand, Japan uses face paints to bring life to Geishas, a modern form of Japanese Art. But nowadays, face painting can also become part of current parties and corporate events. But why should people hire face painters for celebrations at home? Here are some ideas.

1. Adds an Activity to Parties

Usually, birthday parties, corporate events, and other celebrations will have an activity guests can do on-site. Some of these events may be more fit for some people rather than most people. For example, kids are more enthusiastic about being painted than other activities and hiring a face painter should provide an activity for them to do. At the same time, their parents can socialise or party with other guests.

There is a sense of excitement in being given a chance to be creative. Besides, face painting takes a short time. Therefore, kids who experience difficulty keeping their focus for a long time shouldn’t have a problem getting their faces painted. Limiting the time for face painting also encourages children to take part in the activity and finish it instantly.

2. Makes the Celebration More Unique

Kids don’t have much choice when attending parties and corporate events. However, most celebrations will have the same old activities and entertainment for kids. But there are instances where kids may not be drawn to these activities because of their familiarity.

Face painting can add a certain level of mystery and excitement which children can’t find in other activities. It can ensure parties become kid-friendly, allowing children to enjoy them as much as adults. Face painting attracts kids and even parents because the results are beautiful.

3. Gives Chance For Kids to Socialize

Kids that are shy and not used to socialising with strangers may take a few minutes to warm up at parties or corporate events. But face painting can encourage socialisation because face painters will approach kids, ask them what design they want and then ask them to sit down.

In the long run, shy kids can get used to socialising with face painters. The more they get accustomed to facing painters, the more they can socialise with other kids. It can also help shy kids open up their communication skills. Overall, kids do not only get an excellent face paint design on their face but a new level of confidence they will need in the future.

How to Look For the Best Face Painter

The internet is a surefire way to find the best face painter in terms of pricing and quality. However, if you are unsure about their skills and creativity, it would be best to ask them first about what they can do to ensure they are worth their rates.

Professional face painters should provide a range of design options from which their clients could choose. They should also know how to work along with the event’s theme to make their designs cohesive. Lastly, they should work with clients and provide a contract as needed.


Face painting is an excellent addition to parties and corporate events. It offers an opportunity for kids to have fun and adults to have a fantastic time. But the fact that face painting brings out one’s personality is the best reason to hire a face painter. It should be more than just a hobby; it should be a way for people to express themselves and have fun doing it.
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