6 Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults at Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are supposed to be all about fun and joy, so there should be activities that are pretty enjoyable for both kids and adults. Costume parties can be pretty fun, but they can be a little tougher to organise. A toned-down but equally exciting version of that would be face painting.

Face painting is an activity that’s generally liked by both the younger and older ones at a children’s party. Plus, it’s as simple as making a call and arranging a service to take care of everything for you. All you need is to give general instructions on what kind of face paint should be done. Here are some ideas to try out:

1) Animals

There are plenty of animals you can have your guests painted as. Some cute choices could be an elephant, lion, panda and penguin. A classic would also be a tiger. Just try to think if you want to have small emblems painted on the cheek or if you desire to have the whole face painted. It would make a fun photo session with the kids and adults.

2) Magical Creatures

Fairies, mermaids and centaurs would be fun for face painting since they are half-human, but there’s also the option of going all-in with the idea of magical beasts. Maybe a unicorn, phoenix or a dragon. Try thinking of what kind of supernatural creature you want to be the symbol of your party. The colour palette would be up to you to decide as well.

3) Skulls

If you’re into creepy stuff, skulls would be an awesome idea for a face-painting template. It’s not that it is scary, but it’s a fun way to get a striking effect. All the kids will look awesome sporting this one. It would also be a great addition to a scary movie party. If you need some variety, going with a few ghosts wouldn’t disrupt the theme.

4) Clowns

Clowns are fun, right? Their garish make-up is such a fun way to go crazy on the fun side of a children’s party, and your service will be sure to add an iconic and bright red nose. A clown paint would be like a fun present for all the kids, and the older ones would be excited to match the younger ones with the same silly look.

5) Hero 

If your child’s a fan of superheroes, you can get the kids painted as a superhero of their choice. The cool thing about this face paint idea is that you can get a bunch of superhero colours and end up in a single frame together. Whether someone has a more classic comic hero or a daring pirate, it’d be adorable to have everyone next to one another.

6) Villain

On the other hand, to go for a darker vibe, some of the guests were painted as sinister villains. There are a ton of villains to choose from, whether it’s more of the beautiful red-lipped seductress or the sinister-looking criminals. The adults might relish this a little more if it means that they can bully and tease some of the younger ones.


Face painting is one of the most exciting and fun activities you can have at a children’s party. The sky’s the limit, but you can always settle for more tame ideas like having jewels and emojis painted on the face if you don’t want it to be more elaborate.

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