Face Painting for Parties: How to Choose the Best Company

You want to make sure your party is a success! Hiring a professional face painter will assist you in accomplishing this. These painters know how to utilise their talents best, so they can create unique works of art on people’s faces on any occasion, from small family children’s parties to major company retreats or festivals where everyone can enjoy being creative.

They can paint various faces, including animals, cartoon characters, gorgeous girls, superheroes, etc. To find the right face painting company for your party, here are some helpful criteria:

1. Maintains a High Standard of Hygiene

As a rule, a great face painter will never have a spot on their hands or clothes. If the face painter does not have clean hands, they most likely do not have a high standard of hygiene. They should also come neatly dressed in party-appropriate attire.

2. Uses Skin-Safe and Cosmetic Use Face Paints

Great face painters do not use ordinary, cheap body paints. Instead, they use professional cosmetic-grade colours. These paints are hypoallergenic and are safe to use on human skin. They are also incredibly effective in colouring skin with striking hues.

In other words, they will not cause irritation or pigmentation in the long run.

3. Possesses High-Quality Designs

The most reputable face painting businesses offer various face painting patterns. Their designs are perfect for kids planning to have a themed party such as a princess, Superhero, or Jungle party. 

Great face painters can handle a vast range of facial characteristics. They can quickly adjust their designs to suit the face of their customers.

4. They are Experienced

The best face painters are those who are exceptionally skilled in their craft. They have previously painted and worked with hundreds of faces and are resilient and dependable in their field.

Hiring a face painter who can work with the elements is best for parties held outdoors. The most skilled face painters are adept at working in windy and chilly weather. As a result, they can produce stunning, vivid, and durable designs even if the weather changes.

5. They Are Trustworthy

The most talented face painters are usually straightforward and honest in their interactions with their clients. They never over-charge for their services. Good face painting services also have a variety of payment options and packages.

Although face painters have to be trustworthy to have a successful business, clients should take the time to interview the face painters they intend to hire, and it is also better to ask for a portfolio of their work. 

6. They Have Insurance

It is in your interest to look for a face painter who can supply you with a certificate of insurance. This certificate will protect you from any legal responsibilities in case your party-goer encounters an allergic reaction or an infection. It will also guarantee that the face painter you have hired will not run away with your money.


Face painting for children or adults, is a popular entertaining activity. As such, it makes sense to hire a face painting company to help create an enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Because they have the finest talents and abilities, the best face painting companies are the ones you should employ for your party to make it more unforgettable.

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6 Face Paint Ideas for Kids and Adults at Children’s Parties

Children’s parties are supposed to be all about fun and joy, so there should be activities that are pretty enjoyable for both kids and adults. Costume parties can be pretty fun, but they can be a little tougher to organise. A toned-down but equally exciting version of that would be face painting.

Face painting is an activity that’s generally liked by both the younger and older ones at a children’s party. Plus, it’s as simple as making a call and arranging a service to take care of everything for you. All you need is to give general instructions on what kind of face paint should be done. Here are some ideas to try out:

1) Animals

There are plenty of animals you can have your guests painted as. Some cute choices could be an elephant, lion, panda and penguin. A classic would also be a tiger. Just try to think if you want to have small emblems painted on the cheek or if you desire to have the whole face painted. It would make a fun photo session with the kids and adults.

2) Magical Creatures

Fairies, mermaids and centaurs would be fun for face painting since they are half-human, but there’s also the option of going all-in with the idea of magical beasts. Maybe a unicorn, phoenix or a dragon. Try thinking of what kind of supernatural creature you want to be the symbol of your party. The colour palette would be up to you to decide as well.

3) Skulls

If you’re into creepy stuff, skulls would be an awesome idea for a face-painting template. It’s not that it is scary, but it’s a fun way to get a striking effect. All the kids will look awesome sporting this one. It would also be a great addition to a scary movie party. If you need some variety, going with a few ghosts wouldn’t disrupt the theme.

4) Clowns

Clowns are fun, right? Their garish make-up is such a fun way to go crazy on the fun side of a children’s party, and your service will be sure to add an iconic and bright red nose. A clown paint would be like a fun present for all the kids, and the older ones would be excited to match the younger ones with the same silly look.

5) Hero 

If your child’s a fan of superheroes, you can get the kids painted as a superhero of their choice. The cool thing about this face paint idea is that you can get a bunch of superhero colours and end up in a single frame together. Whether someone has a more classic comic hero or a daring pirate, it’d be adorable to have everyone next to one another.

6) Villain

On the other hand, to go for a darker vibe, some of the guests were painted as sinister villains. There are a ton of villains to choose from, whether it’s more of the beautiful red-lipped seductress or the sinister-looking criminals. The adults might relish this a little more if it means that they can bully and tease some of the younger ones.


Face painting is one of the most exciting and fun activities you can have at a children’s party. The sky’s the limit, but you can always settle for more tame ideas like having jewels and emojis painted on the face if you don’t want it to be more elaborate.

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How Face Painters Can Make Parties More Enjoyable

When you think of party entertainment, do you think about face painters? If not, it might be time that you do. Face painters come with many benefits for any party, and a little bit of research will show you how much fun you can actually have with them around. In this post, we will discuss how face painters can be a great addition to a party or event.

What is a Face Painter?

A face painter is an artist specialising in painting the human face. They’re always a hit at birthday parties for children and other events. Their simple creations can make party-goers smile and look fantastic.

Why Hire a Face Painter?

There are a few reasons to hire a face painter for your next event. You’ll be surprised at the wonderful experiences it will provide for your guests, family and friends.

One of the best reasons for hiring a face painter is for the entertainment factor. Children and adults alike will love to have their faces painted. It’s a way for them to get all dressed up for the party but not look silly in their regular clothing. The face painter will provide hours of entertainment for everyone, from the youngest of children to the oldest of grandparents.

If you have a theme for the party, the face painter can match that theme with their creations. For Halloween, they can provide scary creations that are sure to make the children’s mouths drop and fill them with joy.

You can also ask the face painter to provide designs that match the party’s theme. If you are having a luau party, you can ask them to paint faces that match your tropical theme. If you are having a western-themed birthday party, they can portray cowboys and cowgirls.

How to Find the Right Face Painter

If you’re looking for an artist for your next event, you’ll have to do a little research first. Consider these things:

  • Experience

Face painters have to have enough experience to ensure that they’re doing their job correctly. Experience is the key factor. If they have painted a lot of faces, then they will have perfected their skills and can provide the best work possible. Make sure they show you before and after pictures of their work. This will show you their level of experience and will help you decide if they’re the right person for the job.

  • Cost

Different face painters have different rates. Most events will have a face painter provided at no charge by the party venue, but you should always check to see if that is the case. If it is, then you don’t have to worry about hiring a face painter. On the other hand, you can hire your own, but you should get someone who fits your budget.

  • Availability

Hiring a face painter is a lot like hiring any other party vendor. They have to be available for a specific period that you choose. Take note that some face painters are available for just a few hours a day. Find out how long in advance the face painter has to be hired so you can make a decision.

  • Reviews

When you’re looking for a face painter, always check to see what other people have said about them. You can search for reviews on the internet or ask around if anyone has used them before. Make sure you always check to see how skilled they are and how much experience they have.

Hire a Face Painter for Your Next Party

Face painters can be a great addition to any party and make the party-goers smile. Plus, they’ll be a great source of entertainment for the whole party. Face painters are the way to go if you’re looking for a great way to bring the kids together and give them a fun time being silly.

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7 Valuable Tips When Hiring a Face Painter for an Event

Face Painting Tuition Brighton, Hove, Sussex, London

Any event must be lively to ensure all guests have a good time, whether it’s a children’s birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate event. While things like food, music, and a dance floor are vital, there are times when guests look for more in a party because some look for other forms of entertainment. A perfect example of this is face painting.

Face painting in an event is usually associated with children’s parties. However, even events with adults can have it because you can never be too old for it. After all, it’s art, and what’s not to love about seeing your face with intricate, beautiful artwork? Because of this, many still get face painters for their events. However, you don’t just hire the first painter you see because there are some considerations to think of first. With this in mind, here are some tips:

#1 – Know Your Guests’ Preference When Getting Face Painted

First and foremost, you should know your guests’ preferences when getting their faces painted. Some people are okay with almost anything, while others are pretty particular with the design. It would be best if you could ask your guests about their face painting preferences beforehand. That way, you can plan and prepare accordingly. If you can’t do that, you can always choose a safe option like having a face painter who can do various designs and colours.

#2 – Consider Their Experience

Naturally, a face painter’s experience must be considered because it’s deciding whether their work will look good on your guests’ faces. While most face painters can make good artwork, some are arguably better than others, which would show in their work. Check out their portfolio to see if their style matches your preference.

#3 – See If They Are Comfortable Working with Kids.

If you’re planning to have a face painter at a kids’ party, you should see if they’re comfortable working with children. Some face painters may be great with adults but not so much with kids. Conversely, some may be great with kids but not so much with adults. It’s essential to find a face painter who’s comfortable working with both adults and children so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

#4 – Look For Necessary Licences and Qualifications

When hiring a face painter, you must ensure they have the necessary licences and qualifications. While you might think that face painters don’t have permits and qualifications, there are still some you need to look at. For one, you must see if the face painter has a business licence. This will ensure they’re a legitimate business and have the proper insurance. You must also ensure that the face painter has a valid liability insurance policy. This will protect you if anything happens while they are working on your face.

#5 – Determine How Long They Will Be In Your Event

An event has a start and end time, so you need to know how long a face painter will be in your event. Because face painting is a popular activity, you’ll want to make sure the face painter you hire is available for the entire duration of your event. Some may work according to your demands, but others may also have other commitments on the day of your event, so you need to note this.

#6 – Ensure the Face Painter Uses FDA-Approved Cosmetics

Because face paint will be used, the face painter you hire must use FDA-approved cosmetics. You shouldn’t take chances because it’s the safety of your guests on the line, and you and the face painter will be liable if something wrong happens because some face paints can contain harmful ingredients.

#7 – Consider the Price

Of course, you’ll also need to consider your budget when choosing a face painter. Rates can vary depending on the artist’s experience, the design, the number of faces to be painted, etc. Getting a few quotes from different face painters is essential to see who offers the best rate for your budget.


Face painting is an excellent activity for any event, but you must hire a competent and experienced face painter. Because it will be for your guests’ enjoyment, you want to be sure that the face painter you hire is good at what they do. The time and effort will be worth it because they can contribute to the success of your event.
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3 Reasons to Hire a Face Painter For Celebrations at Home

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Face painting is a cultural practice in most countries. For example, India does henna for brides. Men also use face paint to camouflage themselves while hunting, preventing wild animals from spotting them immediately. On the other hand, Japan uses face paints to bring life to Geishas, a modern form of Japanese Art. But nowadays, face painting can also become part of current parties and corporate events. But why should people hire face painters for celebrations at home? Here are some ideas.

1. Adds an Activity to Parties

Usually, birthday parties, corporate events, and other celebrations will have an activity guests can do on-site. Some of these events may be more fit for some people rather than most people. For example, kids are more enthusiastic about being painted than other activities and hiring a face painter should provide an activity for them to do. At the same time, their parents can socialise or party with other guests.

There is a sense of excitement in being given a chance to be creative. Besides, face painting takes a short time. Therefore, kids who experience difficulty keeping their focus for a long time shouldn’t have a problem getting their faces painted. Limiting the time for face painting also encourages children to take part in the activity and finish it instantly.

2. Makes the Celebration More Unique

Kids don’t have much choice when attending parties and corporate events. However, most celebrations will have the same old activities and entertainment for kids. But there are instances where kids may not be drawn to these activities because of their familiarity.

Face painting can add a certain level of mystery and excitement which children can’t find in other activities. It can ensure parties become kid-friendly, allowing children to enjoy them as much as adults. Face painting attracts kids and even parents because the results are beautiful.

3. Gives Chance For Kids to Socialize

Kids that are shy and not used to socialising with strangers may take a few minutes to warm up at parties or corporate events. But face painting can encourage socialisation because face painters will approach kids, ask them what design they want and then ask them to sit down.

In the long run, shy kids can get used to socialising with face painters. The more they get accustomed to facing painters, the more they can socialise with other kids. It can also help shy kids open up their communication skills. Overall, kids do not only get an excellent face paint design on their face but a new level of confidence they will need in the future.

How to Look For the Best Face Painter

The internet is a surefire way to find the best face painter in terms of pricing and quality. However, if you are unsure about their skills and creativity, it would be best to ask them first about what they can do to ensure they are worth their rates.

Professional face painters should provide a range of design options from which their clients could choose. They should also know how to work along with the event’s theme to make their designs cohesive. Lastly, they should work with clients and provide a contract as needed.


Face painting is an excellent addition to parties and corporate events. It offers an opportunity for kids to have fun and adults to have a fantastic time. But the fact that face painting brings out one’s personality is the best reason to hire a face painter. It should be more than just a hobby; it should be a way for people to express themselves and have fun doing it.
Tick Boom Face Painting is home to body art painters in London. We offer face painting services to people wanting a unique party their guests can attend. Our goal is to provide the best festival face paint ideas to ensure our clients enjoy getting a design on their faces. Book face painting services for corporate events today on our website.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Face Painter for Your Corporate Event

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While business gatherings have been around for a long time, entertainment has evolved tremendously. This means that corporate events and gatherings should also bring in a fair amount of fun and entertainment for their guests. After all, a business may only succeed in pleasing and attracting people of different ages while also leaving a lasting positive impression.

Indeed, one of the most creative ideas today is to hire a professional face painter for a corporate event. Face painters can produce artistic renditions of your company’s logo or brand, as well as other fun shapes and characters you may please. This is a great way for businesses to include marketing in their corporate events.

Because of the numerous advantages of using professional face painting as a marketing strategy, businesses first look for qualified and experienced artists. Read on to discover reasons why you should hire a professional face painter for your next corporate event.

High-Quality Face Painting Materials

A corporate event marketing difficulty is unaffordable. As a result, the glitter and paint must be of the highest calibre. Using a reputed organisation to engage professionals assures that the goods are government-approved. This protects both prospects and the company.

Acrylic paints and glitters with a high metallic content are not permitted. They are dangerous and unpleasant when applied to the face.

Professional Themed Designs

Professional face painting needs hours of instruction in courses, sessions, and practice. This is how a novice becomes a professional. This knowledge enables specialists to create one-of-a-kind designs and styles for corporate events. Furthermore, business owners can supply a topic from which expert painters can work.

Accuracy, Speed, and Skill

Professionals can paint a certain number of faces every hour, depending on the age of the target audience. In their work, experts blend precision and speed.

Businesses can manage the campaign by hiring painters from a reliable face painting business after receiving a quote.

Clear Collaboration

Professional face painters hired through an agency are bound by contracts. Specific standards may be included in a contract to assist experts in understanding their responsibilities. This improves transparency and avoids unnecessary ambiguity.

A contract also includes an estimate of the service fee. The rates charged by such firms vary depending on the artists’ expertise and experience, as well as other elements including time, materials, and travel.

The Event Experience and Professionalism

The presence of an experienced promotional team is one of the key advantages of hiring competent painters. They know how to capture their target audience. At events, these artists hand out promotional items, as well as control crowds by painting beautiful artwork on people’s faces. During a corporate occasion, having a professional staff simply relieves a lot of strain from business executives.


Every single one of us adores having our faces painted. The activity is fun, creative, and refreshing especially if we come from stiff corporate environments. As we understand and appreciate design’s aesthetics for a corporate event, the more we should engage the services of a professional face painter.

If you want to shake things up and add some fun, then it’s time to find a team of face painters who can paint your company’s name and logo on your face (or design other shapes and logos). Professionals will be able to create interesting characters and abstract designs which you and your company will surely love!
Are you looking for a professional face painter? Tick Boom Face Painting is here to cater to all your needs, from children’s parties to corporate events. Give us a call and inquire with us today!



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