Reasons to Hire a Professional Face Painter for Your Corporate Event

While business gatherings have been around for a long time, entertainment has evolved tremendously. This means that corporate events and gatherings should also bring in a fair amount of fun and entertainment for their guests. After all, a business may only succeed in pleasing and attracting people of different ages while also leaving a lasting positive impression.

Indeed, one of the most creative ideas today is to hire a professional face painter for a corporate event. Face painters can produce artistic renditions of your company’s logo or brand, as well as other fun shapes and characters you may please. This is a great way for businesses to include marketing in their corporate events.

Because of the numerous advantages of using professional face painting as a marketing strategy, businesses first look for qualified and experienced artists. Read on to discover reasons why you should hire a professional face painter for your next corporate event.

High-Quality Face Painting Materials

A corporate event marketing difficulty is unaffordable. As a result, the glitter and paint must be of the highest calibre. Using a reputed organisation to engage professionals assures that the goods are government-approved. This protects both prospects and the company.

Acrylic paints and glitters with a high metallic content are not permitted. They are dangerous and unpleasant when applied to the face.

Professional Themed Designs

Professional face painting needs hours of instruction in courses, sessions, and practice. This is how a novice becomes a professional. This knowledge enables specialists to create one-of-a-kind designs and styles for corporate events. Furthermore, business owners can supply a topic from which expert painters can work.

Accuracy, Speed, and Skill

Professionals can paint a certain number of faces every hour, depending on the age of the target audience. In their work, experts blend precision and speed.

Businesses can manage the campaign by hiring painters from a reliable face painting business after receiving a quote.

Clear Collaboration

Professional face painters hired through an agency are bound by contracts. Specific standards may be included in a contract to assist experts in understanding their responsibilities. This improves transparency and avoids unnecessary ambiguity.

A contract also includes an estimate of the service fee. The rates charged by such firms vary depending on the artists’ expertise and experience, as well as other elements including time, materials, and travel.

The Event Experience and Professionalism

The presence of an experienced promotional team is one of the key advantages of hiring competent painters. They know how to capture their target audience. At events, these artists hand out promotional items, as well as control crowds by painting beautiful artwork on people’s faces. During a corporate occasion, having a professional staff simply relieves a lot of strain from business executives.


Every single one of us adores having our faces painted. The activity is fun, creative, and refreshing especially if we come from stiff corporate environments. As we understand and appreciate design’s aesthetics for a corporate event, the more we should engage the services of a professional face painter.

If you want to shake things up and add some fun, then it’s time to find a team of face painters who can paint your company’s name and logo on your face (or design other shapes and logos). Professionals will be able to create interesting characters and abstract designs which you and your company will surely love!
Are you looking for a professional face painter? Tick Boom Face Painting is here to cater to all your needs, from children’s parties to corporate events. Give us a call and inquire with us today!

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